Check the Interest Rates Before Decide for a Credit

It is hard enough to deal with credit card debts without excessive interest rates that consume your most important repayment amount. To ensure that your debts are repaid faster, look for ways to reduce the interest rates on your cards.   Transfer of balance To get your business, many credit card companies offer balance transfers […]

Housing loan: banks continue to support demand

    The conditions for financing and refinancing the production of loans are indeed exceptional and the willingness of banks to support demand is intact, is one of the conclusions of the latest edition of the Housing Credit Observatory / CSA. The average rate of a home loan fell slightly in November compared to the […]

Housing loan: confirmed increase in average real estate rate

A ” very moderate increase in rates ” is the way in which financing company summarizes the change in January fixed rates granted to individuals. The Credither Guide dissects the indicators from the latest study published by the bonding agency. Mortgage rates rise slowly Financing company draws the same conclusions as ours about the evolution […]